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At the border between figurative and abstract art : expressionism paintings by admiration for Nature

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How did I become a painter artist?

Naturally since since my childhood, I have always been sensitive to everything related to art and drawing since I was 4/5 years old.
During a trip to Provence in south of France, I fell in love with the landscapes and the beauty of nature that offered themselves to my eyes, taking the brushes and working with colors and light was obvious and a source of limitless fulfillment.
Empathetic by nature, I also really liked creating portraits in graphite or in paint with finesse and sensitivity.

What are my sources of inspiration?

Inspired by the impressionist and expressionist painters like Monet, Van Gogh, Munch or Kandinksy , I like to capture on the canvas the intensity of the contrasts felt, compose the colors as well as the textures by fine and rapid touches rich in material.

In order to immortalize the moment, I access an intimate link with my feelings. I capture the ambiance and energy of the observed environment as well as the soul and pure emotions in my portraits.

My overflowing creative drive leads me to practice abstract painting more and more, drawing inspiration from the expressionism movement .

This style of abstract art allows me to fully satisfy my love for nature by playing with colors, textures and movements in a spontaneous way.

I like what is rich in luminous vibrations, my emotions reason in a quest for finesse of movement, intensity and striking contrasts on the canvas.



Priscilla Vettese was born in 1985 in France and currently lives in Rosny-sous-Bois near Paris (France).


Attracted by art since her childhood, she loved to tinker, cut out, paste, draw, paint… to create something unique that came out of her overflowing imagination!

Curious and self-taught by nature, she discovered while growing up the techniques of drawing with graphite pencil, charcoal and watercolor.

Drawing and art history lessons helped him to become more aware and improve his skills.

As a teenager, during a trip to Provence, she discovered acrylic painting and fell in love with it.

Her parents could not offer him studies in applied arts but his stubborn and creative temperament did not run out of steam .


First of all inspired by the great impressionist painters, she likes to express on the canvas the atmosphere and the energy of the landscapes that she feels according to her discoveries as well as the soul and the feelings of the portraits of her relatives.


Mother of two daughters and spouse of a soldier, she is moving towards administrative professions (notarial and medical) where she will not be able to develop freely.


Submerged by torrents of emotions and feelings, she begins a psychoanalysis, she discovers the benefits of yoga, sophrology and meditation, gets to know herself better as and when she finally discovers with liberation her hypersensitivity.


Practicing drawing and painting in her free time, the desire to express herself artistically, to create freely takes over and pushes her to build her artistic project: to become a professional painter.


She created her website, finally opening up to the outside world in order to share her passion and her creations.

In June 2019, three of his works were selected and published on the site of the national newspaper “20 minutes” as part of the most beautiful drawings on the internet.

One of his creations will be selected and published on their social networks and on their paper magazine.

Then in July 2019, she decided to try the great adventure and became a professional artist.

Besides creation, she manages all administrative, commercial and legal aspects of her new full-time activity.


Lover of landscapes, nature is an admiring source of inspiration, she likes to travel, stroll to feel the surrounding nature vibrate, then in order to capture on her canvas the atmosphere felt, the beauty of light and colors making the echo of his emotions.


Artist's artistic approach


“Color is my daily obsession, my joy, my torment. " Claude Monet


From a contemplation, I seized the fabulous power of the energy of the colors: a harmonious resonance starts thus.


I was born in 1985 in France near Paris.

During a trip to Provence in south of France, during my adolescence, I discovered painting and canvases by masters such as Cézanne, Monet or Van Gogh.

With the natural setting that was offered to me, it was a feast for my senses and a revelation for my artistic sensitivity.


Self-taught artistic training, next to a training of legal assistant then medical, I draw and paint since my youngest age.

Curious and persevering by nature, I have always been very sensitive to crafts and the visual arts.


“If you can say it in words, there would be no point in painting it. "

E. Hopper

My artistic approach is rooted in nature itself, like an intimate dialogue with the landscape that is offered to me, whatever it is.

Nature is a source of promise, of strength but also of resilience.


She fascinates me, she inspires me, I admire her.

Both in the figurative and in the abstract, I initiate a relationship between the different tones of colors, shapes and textures.


Since the discovery of my hypersensitivity, I have been listening to my emotions where there are rising and falling interior tides.

An intrinsic desire to artistically express my whole being has developed.


“As long as an artist wants to see the world through his eyes, there will be painting. "

F. Boisrond

Painting is a resilience echoing my inner cosmos over the course of my lived experiences and embedded in my mind and influencing the outer world that I perceive.

Quest for finesse in patterns, search for materials and movements; chromatic sensations flourish on the canvas via the ebb and flow of my emotions of the moment.


“I feel through color, so it's through it that my canvas will always be organized. "

H. Matisse


I like to make colors vibrate, create variations and nuances, paint spontaneously, represent movements that are at the same time lively, fleeting and but also filled with a certain fragility.


In the course of my figurative and abstract creations, I paint on the canvas sometimes spontaneously at the spontaneous call of a stimuli, of an impulse.


Lyrical abstraction fascinates me when inspiration emerges through the pure prism of my emotions.


The colors reason internally and then settle freely on the canvas guided by a subtle web of shapes and movements: volutes, circles, arabesques, waves ...


From my deep admiration for nature, figurative motifs emerge and also take shape not without delicacy: leaves, trees, roots, water, flowers, petals.

Often places, scenes, landscapes are represented with care and finesse.


Through my figurative and abstract creations, an absolute emotion reappears in the pursuit of Truth and Beauty while respecting the principles of aesthetics.


Beauty is synonymous with intuition, delicacy, sensitivity, a certain vulnerability because it seems fleeting to me.

So I take the time to observe and feel to represent it with finesse.

"Anyone who will not be affected by the inner resonance of form (bodily and above all abstract) will always consider such a composition to be perfectly arbitrary"

- Wassily Kandinsky


Strong themes resonate in me and take shape in my artistic expression, such as the upheaval of our ecosystem and the fundamental relationship of Man to nature, thereby inscribing the questioning of his place as a conscious being on the planet. , the universe as a whole considering that it is alive.


“If the harmonious resonance completely corresponds to the given pictorial purpose, this harmonious resonance must be considered as the equivalent of a composition. It has become the very composition. "

- Wassily Kandinsky

A pictorial and spiritual expression guides me thus allowing to appease my various feelings in order to better understand them to guide them and accept them fully.


Artist's exhibitions




  • Group exhibition - Christmas market - Fort de Rosny - Rosny sous bois (93)


March April

  • 12th edition - Printemps des Artistes Rosnéens - Rosny sous bois (93)

From July 25 to October 02, 2020

  • Online exhibition " 10th Anniversary " - Painting & Other Media by Light Space Time (CA, USA)



  • ART SHOPPING fair - Carrousel du Louvre- From 23 to 25 October 2020 - Paris (75) represented by the Galerie Beauté du Matin Calme, Paris 15th


  • Collective Exhibition - Galerie Roz & Winkler - From November 7 to 27, 2020 - Barbizon (77)

  • Collective Exhibition - Salon d'Automne- From 21 to 29 November 2020 - Académie des Arts de Gournay (93)




  • Collective Exhibition "Laureates of the 12th Spring of Rosnean Artists", from March 2 to 25, 2021 - Rosny sous bois (93)

  • Sacred Arts Festival -From March 29 to April 5, 2021 - Senlis (60)


  • 45th ARGA Show - April 10 and 11, 2021 - Gagny (93)


  • VILL'ARTS art market biennial - June 12 and 13, 2021 - Conflans Sainte Honorine (78) In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.




  • Selection of the most beautiful drawings "Our Internet users have talent" by 20 Minutes - Three selected creations


  • "Public Prize" - 12 edition of the Printemps des Artistes Rosnéens -Rosny (93)

  • "Special Recognition for excellence in art" award - “10th Anniversary” Online Art Exhibition - Light Space Time, Palm Springs, CA (USA)

Publications / Press / Awards

Artist's artistic file

Press, Art professionals, Art collectors, Art Lovers...


You will find below my artistic file to download in PDF format.



Feel free to visit my art gallery of colorful expressionist paintings as well as my regularly updated exhibition calendar .

Artist's artistic file

Press, Art professionals, Art collectors, Art Lovers...


You will find below my artistic file to download in PDF format.



Feel free to visit my art gallery of colorful expressionist paintings as well as my regularly updated exhibition calendar .


Artist's artistic file

Press, Art professionals, Art collectors, Art Lovers...


You will find below my artistic file to download in PDF format.



Feel free to visit my art gallery of colorful expressionist paintings as well as my regularly updated exhibition calendar .

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